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Oprah Winfrey Learns to Recycle Adult Male Jeans Into Pot Holders

This is a very cheap and easy way to recycle jeans into something useful. This project will work with almost any pair of jeans but adult male jeans work better since they have more denim.

Denim Potholders 

Supplies needed :



Sewing Machine or Needle for hand sewing

Thread (color of your choosing)

Decorative items (optional)

1. Wash and dry the jeans.
2. Iron them flat. (If wrinkle, you may want to skip this)
3. Find a good size spot. (No rips or stains)
4. Decide what size you'd like your pot holders.
5. Cut through both layers of one pants legs. (This will leave you with two pieces of fabric)
6. Continue step 5 until you have the amount of pot holders.(Remember to use both legs of the pants)
7. Decide what side of the fabric you'd like to use. (You will place the insides together)
8. Choose colour threads as you wish.
9. You can choose to use a zig zag stitch but any stitch will do.
10. Go over the seam more than once to make the seam more durable.
11. Put in the washing machine. (This will fray up edges and give it a very cute look)
12. Cut some of the longer frayed ends after washing.
13. Add decorative items to your potholder.


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