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My Family Way

I still remember my brothers bundled up all of their worn out jeans to throw away. I was little and even though I didn't know the meaning of 'recycle' but I had the idea of 'transforming' (what I thought at that time) the jeans into other form- other beautiful form.

Nowadays when I see that a number of women made quilts out of them, I knew that my idea back then when I was seven, was not only my imagination but something that can be real. My mother thought that jean quilts are really heavy, thick and it was hard to sew so what she did was to cut them up into squares and used them to wipe out oily and greasy spots in the kitchen area and my father used them to clean handy tools.

Oh, did I tell you that my late father was a painter? He was. He said denim scraps came in handy in his paint room as drop cloths and surface protectors. My mother had jeans all piled up with all sizes of denim squares so he could used them to wipe off greasy oil colour on his paint tools. Instead of using newspaper, he sometimes put a piece of denim under his paintings on the floor.

My younger sister loved denim and I made some of the cutest little denim clothes for her doll. One outfit I made was a denim skirt. Denim is too nice to simply throw away. There are so many other things you can use it for. There are a number of ways to recycle jeans. Put your mind to it and I'm sure you'll come up with some brilliant ideas of your own.


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