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Eva Longoria Shares on How to Make a Retro Denim Jean Bag

Materials Needed

Torso area of a pair of denim jeans.
The torso area will be used to make the bag. In some cases if the seat area is worn and thread bear, you may need to add a lining or patches so your items do not fall out of your bag.

Grommets or Button Holes.
The holes will be placed in the waist band of the jeans to create a place to attach your handles to your denim bag.

Bandanas, rope, or old thin broken belts.
Any of these items can be used to create the handles for your bag.

Heavy duty needle and thread. It is best to use a sewing machine with a heavy duty needle to sew the legs of the jeans together and to create the button holes if you choose to go that route.

Bag Instructions

The instructions are starting with a complete pair of old jeans.

1. Pin the inside pockets up so you don't cut the bottom of them off during the next step. You will be using
    them for storage areas inside the bag.

2. Cut the legs off the jeans at the lower torso area straight across. If you wish you can cut above the crotch
    area if you would prefer.

3. Turn the jean torso area wrong side out and sew along the areas where the legs from the jeans were.

(You can do the next step either by using the hole style grommets or creating button holes for the handles of your denim bag).

4. You will need to create two of the holes on the front and back side of the jeans in the waist band.
               i.   The four holes will need to be centered.
               ii.  The front holes should be centered between the zipper area and the side seams.
(The zipper should be zipped and the waistband button to do this).
                iii.The back holes will need to be centered between the back and side seams.
(In order to have the holes for the handles to be centered front and back you can mark the hole areas with a white crayon or fabric pencil).

Now that you have your holes made for the handles of the denim bag, you will decide which style of handles you want to use.. The following instructions are for the bandana, rope, and thin belts.

Bandana Handles
The bandana's will be used on the diagonal. You can roll or fold them to the width that suits you. Push the ends of the bandanas through the holes and tie the ends in a tight not.

Rope Handles

Once you have decided on the length of the handles you want with the rope. Push the rope through the holes and tie off.

Thin Belt Handles

You can cut the belt down to the length you want to create your handles. You can use either end of the belt for this. Feed the belt through the holes. Since it is hard to tie off many belts, you can purchase belt runners at any craft shop. You will need four the holders the size of your belt. Run each end through the belt holder and secure with hot glue, a grommet or a snap.

You now have just created your first denim jean bag. You can use the bag as a purse, travel bag for cosmetics, children's toys and books or whatever suits your fancy.

As you may have noticed, I didn't mention the back pockets of the jeans. These can be used to hold your cell phone, pda, pencils, pens, sunglasses, and car keys.

Credit : Karen Barnes


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