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Martha Stewart's advise on Gifts You Can Make from Old Denim Jeans

Denim is the perfect fabric for many items because it's heavy, durable and thick These are the low budget gifts suggestions you can make from old denim jeans in your house.

Pillow: Cut the legs into a tube, stuff with cotton, and sew the ends shut. Make a smaller version for a travel pillow, or a larger version to decorate a living room or bedroom. Add decorative touches like buttons, or use the back pocket of the jeans for an interesting effect.

Purse: Cut the legs below the crotch, sew each leg shut and thread a rope or ribbon through the belt loops for a handle. This can be used as a hip and unusual handbag, or as a shopping bag for the environmentalist. Various size jeans will create different sized bags. Pick a plain cotton rope as a handle for the eco-friendly person, or use a decorative, glittery rope for the fashionista.

Line denim squares with fleece, quilt batting or more layers of denimto create a thick potholder. Quilt together. Hem the edges, or seam with tape or ribbon. You can add rick-rack and other decorative designs, too. This is the perfect gift for the chef or baker in your family.
(You might want to check on the details on how to recycle your jeans into pot holders here)

Cut a tube from the legs and sew one side together to create a pouch. Hem the open top edge for a neater appearance. You can sew on a ribbon handle, zipper, button closure or other embellishments. Use smaller pants for smaller pouches. Fill with things like marbles or blocks for a young child's gift.

Organizer: The legs of the jeans can be cut into squares or rectangles, and then sewn together to create an organizer for jewelry, pencils or more. This one requires a little more creativity and skill because you'll have to design little pockets, but the denim fabric is the perfect weight for this type of project if you have the sewing experience.

Coin purse: The back pocket of jeans makes the perfect coin purse. Just cut closely around the pocket for an instant pouch. Add a zipper or button closure if desired. You can decorate with buttons, ribbons, fabric paint or beads. This is a great gift for a young girl.

Bean bags: Cut small squares from the legs of the jeans, and then sew together at the edges (leaving a small opening). Pour beans or rice into the opening, making sure you don't stuff the beanbag too full. Sew closed (you'll probably have to sew it closed by hand, just as you'd sew closed a pillow). Bean bags make great toys for kids. They can try tossing them into bowls or bins as a game!

There are lots of ways to give denim jeans a new life, especially if you've got some sewing skills, you can turn those old denim jeans into fabulous gifts!


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