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eSaveBudget on Vacation Balik Kampung :)

Dear Buyers,

This is to inform you that eSaveBudget is having a LONG VACATION and we'll be back on the 4th of December. Any inquiry about our products please do so on the fourth. 

Sorry for the inconvinience :)

Other than that ex. link exchange and other related stuff to keep our blog shop on the rank, we'll be always available :p 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our subscribers and hopefully more to subscribe in the future. 



Sherry said...

I like your jean material bag so cute!

oh yeah want to ask when is best time to go Langkawi? I mean which month, june or sept? umm.. planning go but unsure yet.. sept I worry peak season. June is ok or not?

lol.. since you are there so I ask now..

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