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Drop Shipping means buying products cheaply from a secret low-priced source, and having your supplier do the work of packing the goods and sending them to your customer - in your name. You sell products in your online store, and we ship the products directly to your customers from our shop in Langkawi. You can focus on selling without worrying about quality control, stock, packing, and shipping.

It's a safe business for you, because you only pay for a product later, after you already sold it and got the money from your customer. There's no risk of dead stock - no more worries about unwanted inventory.

When you're drop-shipping with eSaveBudget, you can rely on us to take care of all that for you.

Are all your items are for drop ship?

No. Only jeans products.

How can I start?

First you need to email us with the subject "DropShip"

How do I promote eSaveBudget's jeans products?

You can simply copy our catalogs for your convinience. You may also copy the pictures and descriptions from this blog. (Remember to choose any jeans products that you think will sell). BUT, make sure you have already email us about your interest to dropship our jeans products. You are advised to subscribe our blog in order to get latest updates about our products.

How much do I get for each item I sell ?

It depends on how much money you want to make for each of our items. You will get a special price when you become our dropshipper. The price of each item we sell to our dropshipper is cheaper so you will get to sell your items at market price. Let's say we sell our ladies purse on our blog for RM 59, our dropshipper will get it for ONLY RM 50. If you want to profit RM 10 that means you can sell the ladies purse for RM 60 to your customer. You are advised to email us to get to know the list of dropshipper's price.

What should I do when I get order from customer?

When you get an order, you collect payment from your buyer first, and then make the order by emailing to us. You can also contact us via ym and mobile phone to get a fast response. You need to give us your customer mailing address, name, phone number and email address. We'll advise you on this matter.

Should my customer pay me first before I pay eSaveBudget?
It is always good practice to have the customers pay you first before placing us drop ship order. Otherwise you risk shipping product to a customer that will not pay you. Then you will be stuck with the bill from us!

Where can I sell your jeans products?

You can sell them on your blog, your online shop (if you currently have one), on eBay, Lelong, Bonanzle, and also on local newspapers. There are no restrictions as you can sell the items offline. We'll advise you if you need any help.

So, what are you waiting for be our agent NOW !


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