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About eSaveBudget

eSaveBudget is an Online Shop based in Langkawi, Malaysia. Although we have our own physical shop at Plaza Langkawi which sells varieties of items, but we try to focus on selling JEANS PRODUCTS through Our jeans products are USED, SHABBY and WORN OUT branded jeans such as Levis. We can assure you that our selling price are much CHEAPER compare to the QUALITY of the products. We deliver these products WORLDWIDE via Registered Pos Malaysia.

If you have any enquiry, comment or suggestion you may write to esavebudget[@] or find out how to contact us on here.

Remember to read our Term and Conditions before placing your order. Any doubts read FAQs.

If you are interested to start an online business and make money from it, Find out here how you can benefit from us.

Please visit our website to shop online.


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